Testpad, now in its 9th year serving 1000s of happy customers

Testpad is a simple online test plan tool that uses checklists for faster test management

Testpad, the app

Testpad is an online tool for manual testing. Companies already using a Test Case Mangament tool will find Testpad a breath of fresh air. Developers making notes in spreadsheets will find Testpad to be the modern pragmatic upgrade, for simple and convenient control of all the tests that need to be done by hand (or that haven't been automated yet).

Testpad's checklist approach and keyboard-driven interface make it really simple and really fast to put tests together. You spend less time clicking on forms and more time actually testing.

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Testpad, the company

Testpad Limited is based in Cambridge, England. It's self-funded, profitable, and is now in its 9th year serving 1000s of paying users.

Testpad, the people

Testpad is a small agile team led by its founder, Stef, with help from friends and partners as required.

Photo of Stefan Butlin, creator of the online test planning tool Testpad

Stefan Butlin

Founder, Developer, QA Lead, Cleaner

Stef started working on Testpad in November 2010 convinced that small companies need cheaper, simpler tools to organise their testing; that web tools can be as fast and responsive as native apps, and ultra-light teams can build web-scale products using cloud platforms.

Before Testpad, Stef was to be found at Taptu, Qualcomm, Trigenix, Cambridge Consultants and Cambridge University.

Testpad Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07670236.
Registered address: Testpad Limited, Sumpter House, Cambridge, CB24 9LQ.
VAT: GB281288876.