Welcome to Testpad

Welcome to Testpad

Welcome to Testpad

Hello, world! Welcome to Testpad's blog, your source for the latest updates and insights about our web app designed to streamline manual test script creation, execution, and reporting, with a focus on software testing. Testpad offers a fast, user-friendly solution that's a significant improvement over traditional spreadsheet-based testing methods and more cost-effective than full-fledged Test Case Management systems.


By Stef

September 13, 2011

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elcome to Testpad and, more specifically, Testpad's blog. The plan is to use this blog to keep you up to date with what's happening with the app, its features and, for the geeks at heart, how it works. But first, a bit of context...

What is Testpad?

Testpad is a web app (i.e. you point your browser at http://testpad.com) that gives you a simple and fast way to write your test scripts. It's not to be confused with tools that help automate testing; Testpad is for the testing you have to do by hand. You can think of it as an online document editor, highly specialised to the task of writing lists of things to test, recording results and reporting on progress.

Testpad is great for testing mobile apps, websites, and software in general. In fact, Testpad would be great in any testing/checklist scenario, not just software. But that said, it has been built with the problems and language of software testing in mind, so will seem most relevant to the challenge of shipping good software.

Simple by design, and blazingly fast

It's simple to write tests, simple to run tests and simple to report on tests. Testpad's goal is to be one BIG step up from sharing around copies of spreadsheets, yet way, way cheaper than the kind of money you can spend on fully-fledged Test Case Management.

Testpad is fast. Not just fast in the sense that Google is fast at page loading, but fast in actual use. With Testpad it's very fast and convenient to write a script and run it, over and over again.

Testpad makes a lot of use of asynchronous javascript to talk to the servers. This means you can focus on typing your test cases, whilst Testpad does all the saving and result tracking in the background. Plus, there are lots of keyboard shortcuts so you don't even have to reach for the mouse; just keep typing.


Testpad is built on great technology including several of Amazon's cloud services (EC2, ELB, EBS, SES, Route53), and some awesome opensource projects including MongoDB, Django, and jQuery... but that's the subject of future blog posts - stay tuned if you're interested. Meanwhile, why not...

Give it a go!

Testpad is easy to get started with, especially so if you have existing tests that you can copy'n'paste into Testpad's Import dialog. And if you don't like Testpad, it's just as easy to get your script out as text, and/or CSV if you want results as well.

You can try the interface by signing up for a free trial at https://testpad.com.

Happy Testing!

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