Structure Example - User Stories in Agile Development

Template illustrating how Testpad might be used to plan tests from sprint to sprint as user stories are produced, modified and removed. Descriptions could be copy and pasted verbatim from other documentation, or transcribed into more 'test' sounding statements.

Sprint 1
User Story 1
aspect A
aspect B
aspect C
additionally verify this
additionally verify that
User Story 2
aspect D
aspect E
aspect F
explore detail 1
explore detail 2
// User Story 3 (removed in sprint 2, say)
Sprint 2
User Story 4
aspect G
Sprint 3
User Story 5
aspect H
aspect I
User Story 6
aspect J
aspect K
Sprint 4
User Story 7
aspect L
aspect M
User Story 8
aspect N
aspect O
User Story 9
aspect P
aspect Q
Sprint 5
User Story 10
aspect R
aspect S
// Where Sprints are more complicated, it often makes sense to use a whole Script or whole Project per Sprint, starting each Sprint with a copy of the previous Script(s) and modifying them inline with the new features

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