iOS App Testing Template

A template to use for the general testing of an iOS app. Not everything will be relevant to all apps, so import and customise before use.

Start and Stop
App installs over wifi
App installs over 3G
App installs via iTunes and cable
App starts up OK
App resumes OK (after task switching away and touching app icon again)
App exits OK (press and hold app icon in task bar, and press '-')
App does not crash on exit (check crash logs)
App restarts after exit OK
App uninstalls OK
Icon has "added gloss" disabled if it already includes a gloss effect
App can handle exit in the middle of any longer-running action
iPhone Configuration Tool's console
console does not report any errors during normal use of the app
app does not generate any unexpected system warnings
console reports acceptable app warnings during normal use of the app
App works as expected with different language settings
App works as expected with different timezone settings
App handles daylight savings changes
Memory usage
App consumes reasonable memory
App still functions when most spare memory has been (artificially) pre-allocated (e.g. open multiple safari windows)
App fails gracefully when there is not enough memory
App does not leak memory during prolonged usage
App does not slow down with big data sets or after big downloads
Network performance
App warns the user when there is no network connectivity (if it needs it)
App does not mistakenly warn the user there is no network when there is
App is not confused by wifi hotspots that require a login before providing access to the internet
App can handle malformed data from upstream components
App copes with poor connectivity (find poor reception, or partially cover with foil)
App uses expected/reasonable bandwidth
App uses limited bandwidth over cellular connections
Battery usage
App does not excessively drain the battery (backlight, CPU)
Low battery warning is displayed when battery low
Text input
App can handle unicode characters in input boxes
App can handle huge input (use copy'n'paste from a paragraph elsewhere)
App can handle punctuation characters where text is expected
App can handle badly formatted input
App can handle empty data input
Action button in keyboard is appropriate ('done', 'search', etc)
Text field can be cleared when appropriate
Co-existence with background apps
App handles receiving phone call gracefully
App layout OK during a phone call with double height status bar
App functions smoothly when music is playing in the background
App handles popup notifications from other apps gracefully
Connecting charger does not interrupt or spoil the app
Removing charge does not interrupt or spoil the app
User friendliness
Actions taking longer than 2seconds have visual feedback of activity
Rapid key presses are handled OK and do not cause slow-downs
Page scrolling is smooth and responsive
If using Core Data, and the schema has changed, test upgrading from earlier versions
Test upgrading app user defaults

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