Simple but
powerful features

Find the bugs that matter before your customers find them for you

Testpad Features
Testpad Keyboard-driven editor
Icon Keyboard

Keyboard-driven editor

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    Type hundreds of test prompts in minutes

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    No need for the mouse, just keep typing

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    Free-form test plans adapt to how you like to test

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    As responsive as a native app

Testpad instant and useful reports
Icon Reports

Instant reports

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    Reports instantly available, no need to kick off a process and get an email when they’re ready

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    Share guest-access links with clients and stakeholders

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    Progress is obvious, only taking a glance to see how testing is going

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    Save or Print for an audit trail of everything that was tested

Testpad mindmap style
Icon Mindmap

Structured thinking, mindmap style

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    Native support for outline structure

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    Like building out a 1D mindmap as you type

    • Start highlevel

    • Iterate with more and more details at deeper levels

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    Builds comprehensive coverage, fast

Testpad guest testing
Icon guest testing

Guest testing

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    Invite guests to run tests, no login needed

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    Ideal for clients performing User Acceptance Testing

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    Get extra help at crunch time from marketing, product, developers, interns...

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    Zero learning curve means it’s just obvious what to do

Testpad tags and filtering
Testpad Security Icon


Reliable Hosting

  • Testpad lives entirely on AWS (US East)
  • Load-balanced across multiple availability zones

Secure Hosting

  • All traffic over HTTPS/TLS1.2
  • Multiple firewalls with Security Groups and ACLs
  • Regular Pen Testing by external security partners
  • SOC2/ii certification in-progress

Secure Data

  • Clustered database with replicas in three availability zones
  • Data stored encrypted at rest
  • Encrypted backups every hour for disaster recovery (that are regularly tested for integrity)

Oh wait, there’s more...

Easy in

Text-based copy/paste to import existing tests from text files and spreadsheets

Easy out

CSV exports of projects, scripts and results (Or use the HTML of reports for pretty formatting)

Drag’n’drop organisation

Organise folders with drag’n’drop

Move and copy scripts between folders and projects

Upload screenshots, images and other files

In support of test prompts, e.g. showing what it should look like

In support of test results, e.g. showing what it actually looked like

And not just images: attach audio, short videos, spreadsheets, text files, PDFs...

Simple Version Control

Results live right beside the tests in the same document; never be confused which results are for which versions of a test

Prepare for new releases by copying test plans from last time

Archive old plans, with their results, to keep a record of what was tested

Templates for common scripts

Build libraries of templates for re-usable test scripts

Use drag'n'drop to use, move, copy and create templates

Or just make a copy of what you did last time as an on-the-fly template for next time

All your software testing can be assimple as running a checklist

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