Email addresses don't have to be unique anymore

Email addresses don't have to be unique anymore

Email addresses don't have to be unique anymore

Testpad now lets you to re-use your email address across multiple team accounts.


By Stef

September 2, 2019

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estpad now lets you re-use your email address in different team accounts. Until this weekend, Testpad required all users to have a unique email address - once an email address was used in one account, it couldn't be used again anywhere else. But that's now changed. Like other popular tools (e.g. Slack!), Testpad now let's you register the same email address against multiple team accounts (often called workspaces in other tools).

This means you can sign up your own trial account, and if you later decide to subscribe to a paid plan, but on a new "official" corporate account for your team, you can simply add yourself to the corporate account without having to use a different email address or delete your own trial account.

Or for those on the Custom plan who're running multiple team accounts, you no longer need to use a different email per account that you want to be added to. (If that's not you, but it sounds like something you'd want to do, please get in touch to ask more about how Custom plans work.)

How does this work?

Just sign-up for new trial accounts, or add new users, or change email addresses, with whatever email addresses you like!

When you come to login, providing an email address and password to identify yourself, Testpad will check for whether those credentials match one or more accounts.

If the credentials only match one account (which will be the norm for the vast majority of people), then, as you're probably used to, you'll get taken straight into your account to get on with your test planning.

But if the credentials match more than one account, Testpad will log you in to all the matching accounts and prompt you for which one you want to proceed to. At that point, you can use the new "switch to a different account" option in the user menu (the menu in the top-right corner).

Note that if you set different passwords for different logins (on the same email address), then you obviously won't access the other accounts for that email address. Access is only granted to an account when the correct email address and password are supplied.

Login to more than one account at a time

User Menu

And not just re-using emails, as part of this update, Testpad now also allows you to be logged into more than one team account at once (in the same browser). Use the user menu in the top right corner to access the new "login to a different account" to go back to the login page without logging out of the account you were in. If you provide good credentials (email and password) for another account, Testpad will keep you logged in to both accounts. You can switch between them via the same menu option, which becomes "switch to another account" once more than one account have been logged into.

But Testpad still complains "address already in use"?

So, whilst you can use the same email address in different team accounts, you still can't use an email address more than once within any one account. Otherwise, how would Testpad know who was trying to log in?

If Testpad stops you using an email address with the message "address already in use", then this means that email is already being used by someone else in that account.

Custom plan subscribers running multiple accounts

For those customers on the custom plan and running multiple team accounts, with their users using unique email addresses per team account: the existing email addresses and passwords will obviously continue to provide access to the relevant account. However, if you want to now migrate to instead re-using the same email address, then simply use the Manage Users page (and the relevant Edit Details option per user) to update the email addresses to the desired address. Note that all changes of email address still have to be confirmed by clicking on the link sent to that email address.

Case-sensitive email addresses (only relevant to long-term account holders)

For those accounts that pre-date 2017 and were using different "case" spellings of the same email address to differentiate accounts, these logins will now be treated as having the same email address. When you login, if your email (regardless of case) and password match multiple accounts, then you'll be prompted for which account you want to proceed to.

Any issues, please send your questions and problems to support@ontestpad.com.

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