Copy/Paste Between Testpad Scripts

Copy/Paste Between Testpad Scripts

Copy/Paste Between Testpad Scripts

To help you refactor your test scripts, we now support copy/paste between scripts... as in... between tabs in the same browser, or from page load to page load.


By Stef

October 28, 2013

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he Copy/Paste feature in Testpad's script editor has been upgraded to work between scripts. This feature now uses javascript's HTML5 localstorage feature to save the clipboard to a place that survives page loads.

Between Page Loads

This means that tests copied on one script can be pasted into another script even after navigating to another script in the same or a different project.

Between Tabs

It also means that tests copied in a script viewed on one tab can be pasted into a script open on a different tab.

The only restrictions are that it will only work within the same account and on the same browser.

Paste Above or Below

As before, you can paste copied tests above or below the current selection.

By default, Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V on a Mac) will paste after the current selection, or at the end of the script if there is no selection (press Escape to clear the selection).

Shift-Ctrl-V (or Shift-Cmd-V) will paste before the current selection, or at the top of the script if there is no selection.

Copying a row will automatically include all the child rows (indented rows) of the current selection, making it very convenient to select and copy significant portions of a script in just a few clicks.

DIY Cut Support

Ctrl-X remains unsupported, but is simple to achieve by first copying with Ctrl-C then deleting with Del or Backspace. The copied (now cut) rows remain in the clipboard after the deletion and can be pasted back to the same script or a different script after navigation or change of tabs

Browser Compatibility

HTML5 localstorage is well supported these days, so it should work in the major/modern browsers. We have tested the new copy/paste on IE9/IE10 on Windows7/8, and Safari/Firefox/Chrome on OSX, but if you have any issues, please get in touch - stef@ontestpad.com.

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