Attaching Images, Screenshots and Other Files

Attaching Images, Screenshots and Other Files

Attaching Images, Screenshots and Other Files

Attach resources such as screenshots, images and other files to tests and test results using drag'n'drop.


By Stef

October 3, 2017

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estpad's premium plans support uploading files and images for tests and results. Files are uploaded using drag'n'drop onto areas in the dialog boxes for test details and test running. This can be very useful for, in test descriptions, illustrating what a screen should look like; and in test results, for showing what a screen actually looked like.

EDIT: Screenshots pre-date the big UI update in June 2018

Images for Test Descriptions

Test descriptions can have images and files attached by opening the Test Details dialog and dragging files onto the Attachments area

The Test Details dialog is available for each row in a Script and is accessed by any of

  • double-clicking on the row ID
  • typing the shortcut Alt-T
  • clicking on the small triangle icon at the end of the row of text
  • if files already attached, clicking on the file thumbnail at the end of the row of text

For Chrome users, files can also be Pasted (Ctrl-V) from the clipboard when the Attachments area is focussed and highlighted.

Files and images can be viewed in a File Viewer dialog by clicking (or right-clicking) on the thumbnails in the Test Details dialog.

The File Viewer will stay open during testing, and will auto-update to display the files/images associated with the current test.

Right-click on thumbnails (in the Test Details dialog) for more options such as download and delete.

Images for Test Results

Test results can have images (presumably screenshots) and files attached by dragging files onto the Attachments area of the Test Run dialog. The Test Run dialog includes the Pass/Fail buttons and is displayed during a test run.

Again, for Chrome users, images can be Pasted (Ctrl-V) from the clipboard. This makes it very easy to attach screenshots when using system shortcuts such as Cmd-Opt-Shft-4 on macOS.

When images are attached to results, they are represented in the results grid as Comments and displayed when the mouse hovers over the footnote dagger icon beside the relevant result.

Attached images are displayed as clickable thumbnails in the Comments section (below each result grid) of reports.

Storage Limitations

Individual files cannot be larger than 6MB.

Files are not part of the account/project/script exports and cannot be bulk downloaded from Testpad. Testpad is not a general purpose file storage facility!

The general idea is that uploaded files are simply copies of originals already in the user's possession and can be uploaded for the convenience of running tests or recording results.

As ever, any questions or problems, please email stef@ontestpad.com.

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