Bringing pragmatism
to the world of testing

Stop making testing so hard.

Until you discover Testpad, you’re stuck with bit of a Sophie’s Choice when it comes to test case management…

Either you resign yourself to a bloated and buggy testing tool that does far more than you actually want (yet somehow not exactly what you need)...

Or you do your test case management manually, spreading valuable info and team members across a motley collection of spreadsheets and software subscriptions. Just managing the formatting, conventions and conditions, and trying not to overwrite your master spreadsheet is enough to give you a cluster headache.

Testpad arose out of deep discontentment with the status quo.

We wanted a tool that would help us run more tests — not a tool that required a 3-week bootcamp, an enterprise subscription plan, and a ritual goat sacrifice just to get started. We wanted to get out of our own way when it came to testing. And we wanted useful insights, fast.

What we wanted didn’t exist.

So, like the problem-solving engineers we are, we built it.

Ideas that guide us

Keep it simple

A tool so lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re using it. No unnecessary process. No endless mouse-clicking. No reports so complex you need a PhD to decipher.

Keep it flexible

Testpad is built for modern testers. Run tests how you want without getting mired in rigid process. Answer the key question 'Are we there yet?' with agility and efficiency.

Keep it safe

Your data, tests, results, and exciting new product updates are safe with us. We guard your privacy with our lives (along with audited industry-standard security measures, arguably the stronger of the the two).

14 years
10,000+ customers
100 million test results
70+ countries


Why I started Testpad

In my previous life as the CTO of a growing startup, we had a QA team that were in a mess with spreadsheets. It was obvious we needed a better tool for the job, but after a wide survey of the test tool market, we came up empty.

I didn't want my team messing around with spreadsheets – trying to fashion something professional-looking… getting confused who had the master file each release… and eventually giving up and making (copy) after (copy_2) after (copy_FINAL_for_real_this_time).

I also didn't want to dump thousands of dollars and dozens of hours into a test case management tool that was far more complex than we needed, full of features we'd never use.

We needed the Goldilocks of testing tools: not too big. Not too small. Juuuust right.

Which, at the time, didn't exist...

Now, more than a decade later, with over 10,000 customers who have collectively recorded 100million test results, Testpad has become a breath of fresh air for QA and Dev teams around the world.

Maybe it’s right for your team, too.

Thanks for looking
Stef Butlin

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