Testpad is a test tool that's fun to use, combining the obvious simplicity of checklists with the power of spreadsheets

For manual testing

As in testing by human. Letting your testers hunt for new problems. For everything you can't automate. For everything you haven't had time to automate...

From Sprint to Sprint with ease

Agile teams love Testpad. The keyboard-driven interface, checklist approach, and drag'n'drop organisation easily keep pace with rapid development.

Like moving on from Gantt Charts

Writing heavyweight Test Cases one form at a time is so 1990. Checklist style guides and test plans are easier to write so you spend more time actually testing.

Lightning learning curve

An incredibly fast learning curve means anyone can help when it's crunch time. QA teams can rope in managers, developers, outsourced testers, friends, etc.

Keyboard-driven interface

Tune out the world, get in the zone, and write hundreds of test ideas in minutes. Write tests up-front, import user stories, or even add new tests during test runs.

Exploratory, Adhoc, Regression, BDD...

Free-form checklists with syntax highlighting adapt to how you want to guide your testing. Be terse, be verbose, whatever gets the most from your team.

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Pragmatic test management software that's loved around the world by teams of all sizes

Vincent Kurutza

Head of QA

Our QA team was lacking the time to write proper regression tests. We already had a much more complex and expensive tool which we never used. Then we gave Testpad a trial and the results were great.

Testpad customer for 6 years

Luke Hefson

Engineering Manager

Testpad has really made writing test plans a breeze for our team. It helps us to dive into our tests, isolate defects, and provide context around the results.

Testpad customer for 9 years

Eric Wolf

Senior Solutions Architect

We use Testpad to track all of our testing. It offers the depth and flexibility to model our entire test plan, but remains simple enough that onboarding new testers is effortless. The import and export facilities are really helpful for migrating test plans from other test management tools.

Testpad customer for 7 years

Jason Pritchard

QA Engineer

Testpad is great! We use it every day testing embedded software, making light work of our many environments and configurations. I haven't tried every QA tool out there but if I had the choice, I'd choose Testpad 10/10 times.

Testpad customer for 5 years

Stewart Warner

Managing Director, Foxhole QA

In the past we used other test repositories but they were cumbersome and harder to use than a simple spreadsheet. For us, Testpad combines the visibility with a nice UI and the quickness of a spreadsheet.

Testpad customer for 4 years

Jason Hamilton

Founder and CEO

Testpad is flexible enough to create and reuse test plans lightning fast. This helps our team spend more time preparing to test, do the actual testing and report the final results.

Testpad customer for 9 years

Brian Grau

Head of Production

Testpad allows for rapid testing to fix issues in our software before it reaches our customers. The simplicity makes the testing process straight forward, gets the results to the engineering team, and is fun for the tester.

Testpad customer for 8 years

Nick Kenyon

Head of Operations

Testpad has been a reliable and effective part of our test management procedure for years. It fulfils completely the compromise between productivity and formality, saving us from the headache of trying to do it with spreadsheets.

Testpad customer for 11 years

Ashleigh Lodge

Dev Team Lead

We couldn't have ramped up our development schedule without Testpad. It's a core part of our QA and the Testpad team are exceptionally responsive.

Testpad customer for 9 years

Adrian Wright

Business Process and IT Strategy

I was looking at 16 different tools before I stumbled across Testpad. It's simple and quick to use (easy enough to have business people use it with very little training). Reporting is simple and effective, making it clear who has tested what, where the bottlenecks are, and how much you still have left to do. Take a look – highly recommended.

Testpad customer for 12 years

Mike Andrews

QA Manager

Testpad has become a core tool for our QA team. We're expanding this year and will continue to use and support Testpad. We love it.

Testpad customer for 7 years

Phillip Cave

VP Product Development

We rely on Testpad to help us organize our test plans and help coordinate testing between multiple people within our organization. Testpad is a valued part our release testing process at Jackson River.

Testpad customer for 11 years

Stephen Stillings

Lead QA Engineer

Testpad is a crucial part of our QA toolset. The flexibility of Testpad allows us to rapidly document and execute tests and the reporting capabilities are simple yet detailed and informative. Testpad is swiftly becoming our default test management tool.

Testpad customer for 6 years

Anastasia Lutsenko

Senior Tester

Great test tool! Simple and usable, it makes tester's life easier and more productive.

Testpad customer for 10 years

Run tests on your mobile to free up your big screen

No more constant app switching. Do the testing on your main screen. Get prompted on your mobile. Tap tap tap. Pass Pass Fail. Ooops.

Instant handover by scanning on-screen QR codes or sending yourself an email.

Simple manual test management software for big and small screens

Adapting to (and evolving with) your process

Testpad is a test case management tool that adapts to how you want to test. Free-form checklists. Mindmap-style structured outlines. Be concise. Be verbose. It's up to you.

For pragmatic DEVELOPERS

Write down your main features, add some test ideas, and get on with exploring for problems. Testpad ensures you've covered the main bases, maximimising the chance you find embarrassing bugs before your customers do.

Simple manual test management tool for exploratory testing

For agile STARTUPS

Automation only finds the bugs you predicted. For everything else, use flexible checklists in Testpad to guide the human hunt from Sprint to Sprint, growing with your product, adding new ideas, extending old ones.

Simple manual test management tool for agile development and testing


Hierarchical checklists not only steer exploratory testing with great progress visibility, but can also do fully-scripted Test Cases without the tedium of open-edit-close forms. And if you like your testing with a dose of Given-When-Then, there's BDD/Gherkin syntax support.

Simple manual test management tool that reinvents test case management software

Testpad is now in its 13th year, trusted by more than 10,000 customers and has logged over 100m test results

30-day free trial, no credit-card required